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Standing exercises

familiar with the vehicle operations parts, switches, name and method of use of the instrument.
about self-inspection of vehicles.
United and out of the car and the correct driving posture.
the accelerator, clutch, hand and foot brake use.
steering wheel play.
place plus and minus spans.
engine starts and stalled.
, familiar with the operation of the vehicle parts, switches, instrument name, function and use.
operations parts: there are steering wheel, gearbox joystick, hand brake lever, brake pedal and clutch pedal, the ignition switch.
instrument: fuel gauge (lamp), the oil pressure gauge (lamp), water temperature gauge, speedometer and so on. Good habits of observation instruments, good for safe driving and the skilful operation will bring help.
II, about self-inspection of vehicles
1, check before driving the project: oil, fuel, water, hand, foot brake, Horn, lights, wipers, steering, gauges, tire pressure, wheel nuts and so on.
2, driving in the check project: instruments working. Conveyed to the Department of works, hand, foot brake function is normal; engine, chassis abnormal sound and smell, parking time check for oil spills, leaking gas leakage phenomenon.
3, shift after the inspection project: checking and adding fuel, slick tires for oil, cooling water, etc. BACK

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