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City Transit A3

License models:
nuclear contains 10 people above of city bus, C1, and C2, and C3, and C4 returns models list
registration conditions:
1, and Ningbo five district eight County account;
2, and age 21-40 age (female 21-35 age);
3, and no crime records;
4, and body health, features correct, can with fluent of Mandarin and people Exchange.
registration notice: registration
1, no other training institutions and training; 2, meet medical requirements. (To a specific hospital physical examination) 3, already hold a license increased driving A3 Note: ⑴ driving license must be at least one year; b violation phenomenon has been processed, no deduction of more than two years recording; c driver's license must be examined.
material: I submitted a 15 inch of white color photographs; complete identity of Zheng 3 Xerox had been driving license holder submit copies of Zheng 3;

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