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Large trucks B2

License models:
heavy, and medium laden car; big, and heavy, and medium special job car, including: C1, and C2, and C3, and C4, and M
registration conditions:
1, and must is Ningbo account, field personnel temporarily not handle registration;
2, and age in 21 age above 50 age following, height requirements 155 cm above;
3, and two eye nude vision or correction vision reached logarithmic vision table 5.0 above, no red green blind;
4, and Hearing: two ears, one from a tuning fork 50 cm can identify source directions;
5, upper limbs: two thumbs healthy, other fingers on each hand must have three healthy, normal motor function of limbs and fingers, leg: normal motor function.
6, trunk, neck: no motor function.
material: I submitted a 15 inch of white color photographs; full-copy-copy of certificate (3 A4 copy); driver's license holder submit copy of driver's license 3 (A4 photocopy)

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