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Intermediate training

There are nine main aspects: turn back the speed adjustment, pull over, designated parking, ramps for driver training. Unilateral and bilateral bridges, back road, railway junctions, reversing.
a, and turn:
1, and action with left turn
2, and turn gestures
II, and speed regulation
1, and conversion document of speed operation
2, and accelerated pedal of speed manipulation
3, and clutch device of speed manipulation
4, and brake of speed manipulation
three, and side parking:
1, and open right steering lamp, see right mirrors, observation situation
2, and amount stepped on Xia brake pedal
3, and Right turned steering wheel (first put round right side)
4, and in speed reduced to below a document of speed Shi stepped on Xia clutch device pedal, dang right front wheel near road along Shi, again to left direction (second put round, adjustable are vehicles and adjustment body and road along of distance)
5, and left Rotary direction (third put round, car are round are) quickly parking. While it is in stop, slightly lift the brake pedal to slow inertia brakes, smooth stopping.
6, tighten the hand brake, put it in neutral, lift the clutch brake pedal, turn off your lights.
7 ratio three wheels, steering wheel 2:3:1
four, designated parking
according to the vehicle speed and the distance to the target, moderate amount of press the brake pedal
v, ramp driver training:
1, Hill-start
A, operating procedures and techniques with starting
B the Plains, and step on the accelerator pedal. When you lift the clutch pedal to half the linkage, prolonged pauses.
2, and ramp for document: operation with speed operation
3, and ramp parking
A, and manipulation method with General parking
B, and uphill parking: flameout Hou should will speed Rod hanging into forward document bit
C, and downhill parking: flameout Hou should will speed Rod hanging into reversing document bit
six, and unilateral bridge and bilateral bridge
1, and first practice with right wheels pressure "unilateral bridge" or "single" line driving
2, and then practice with left wheels? Quot; unilateral bridge "or" single "line driving
3, and last practice with sides wheels pressure" bilateral bridge "or" double line "line driving
seven, and reentrant road: operation method with" s "road
eight, and railway junction:
1, and reduced speed, note signal, follow command, parking Liao looked
2, and through Qian select good appropriate document bit, smooth through
3, and in railway mouth within no for document
4, and if front has car don't followed subsequently < BR/>, reverse
1, straight line backing
A, press the clutch pedal
B, hanging reverse gear on
C, lift the clutch pedal to the point moderate reversing
A fuel
2, curves, control with reversing
B, Park shift lever should be put into the free reset

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