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C1/C2 car

License models:
C1: small, and micro passenger car and light, and micro laden car, and light, and small, and micro special job car
C2: small, and micro automatically block passenger car and light, and micro automatically block laden car
registration conditions:
1, and age: 18 age above, 70 age following height: 150 cm above listening: two ear respectively from sound fork 50 cm can identify source direction;
2, and Vision: raw vision or corrected vision up to 4.9 per cent; no red green color blindness;
3, upper limbs: two thumbs healthy, other fingers on each hand must have three healthy, normal motor function of limbs and fingers;
4 and lower: motor functions normally. Apply for driving a manual transmission car, leg length must not be greater than 5 cm. Driving an automatic car, the right leg should be sound;
5, trunk, neck: no motor function.
application materials: an inch of white color 10 photos; five-eight counties of Ningbo ID original field accounts need to provide temporary residence permits

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