Declaration of motor vehicle driver's license application requirements

First, register for the age:
(a) the application of large passenger cars, trolley buses (A1,A2,A3) license for 21-45;
application of large passenger cars for the first time a driver's license, restricted to the urban public transport sector needs to drive buses for people on fixed lines in the urban area.
(b) for heavy trucks (B1, B2) driver's license for 18-50;
(c) application for small cars (C1), small automatic passenger car (C2) license for 18-70 years of age.
(d) 18-60 apply to other models to study driver's license.
II, and body conditions:
(a) application large bus, and large truck, and trolleybus license of, height shall not below 155 cm, application other models license of, height shall not below 150 cm;
(ii) two eye vision shall not below standard vision table 0.7 or logarithmic vision table 4.9 (allows correction);
(three) no red green blind;
(four) two ear respectively from sound fork 50 cm can identify source direction;
(E) the normal limbs, trunk, neck exercise capacity. But the left lower limb disabilities, can apply for a small automatic passenger car driver's license.
at the age of 60 years to 70 years of age who, left lower limb disabilities who apply for a motor vehicle driving license required to municipal health authorities and public security traffic management authorities for the record of 19 medical institutions to conduct medical checks.
III, one of the following circumstances shall not apply for a motor vehicle driving license:
(a) interfere with safe driving of disease and physical defects;
(b) of the motor vehicle driver's license has been revoked for less than two years;
(c) revoke a license during a motor vehicle driver's license;
(d) has possession of motor vehicle driver's license (except for applications for the add-on drive). BACK

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