Subject three-test addition and subtraction operations

Examination requirements:
plus or minus stall operation: according to road conditions and vehicle speed, reasonable addition and subtraction, and timely, smooth shifting.
Exam Guide: 1 gear
step on the clutch, the right hand holding the gearshift, go back to the steering wheel, looking for contact light come on, while light come on while lifting clutch inhibitor, contacts immediately after stepping on the clutch at the same time lift the throttle, take advantage of increased 2. 2 gear
at the same time lift the clutch to find contacts, contact heels to lift the foot with the clutch in a State of adhesion, clutch not raised too high, the contact point can, ready to step on down. Afterburner slammed on the gas pedal with the right foot (able to walk), the speed is instantly improved, 3 gear and stepping on the clutch pedal, quick lift the clutch (the contact point can be, pay attention to grasp the feeling of adhesion), and then pedal fast, add 4, repetitive movements increased 5.
to 5, do not pause, continue to step on the clutch back 4, then carried back 3. While preparing the brake with the right foot, hit the brakes slow down, step 2 gear clutch, complete all actions (return to note after 2 slow lifting clutch). Processes with the left hand direction. Beginner start quickly away from the road signs, first grasp the essentials and rhythm, don't be afraid to over 100 meters, and rhythm coherence by 80 meters was enough. BACK

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