Students share subject two inverted pile test experience

Got nervous to do? Got to pay attention to? First Feng driving school share student subject two inverted pile test experience to remind you to account the second transfer of skills, also pay attention to other aspects.
Momo said candidates who has just passed the exam in order to pass the exam, in addition to skills, the most important thing is to keep a good attitude and the usual practice.
first, test mental quality.
during the test, will inevitably be tensions. It cannot play a level of tension, which is one reason many candidates lost. Therefore, if you want to cross the border, it is necessary to put the mind, tell yourself that once but twice, no big deal.
Second, the room must be familiar with.
due to the driving exam venues were not in their school, so the driving school students remember to an understand of the exam before the exam. Know the location of the line, stakes position layout. Remind students of those lines, as a reference, we must first find out the exam room layout, so as to avoid distances problems cause the test to fail.
third, the test speed must be slow.
This is the 1th to illustrate. Tension will be forgotten when many candidates back car to slow it. Why slow? This is because once you found an error, there is the possibility of correcting. If the speed is too fast, then it will be saved.
IV, do not park there unconscious.
as we are in the electronics test, therefore some examiners do not pay attention to the small details will need to be more careful. Driving-test meter sensors are very sensitive for some slight movement can feel. Therefore, the examination must be paid attention to when use the clutch and brake to control speed, not to rely on the clutch. BACK

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