Summer owner needs to guard against the three major hazards

NO.1 plastic bottled water drinking
the summer after exposure in the car, in your car into a tank of water for thirsty drink out, which is a good thing. But you know what? The bottled water that I put in the car after high temperature exposure will cause harm to your body.
bottled water, the bottles containing used may cause chronic toxic chemicals such as Bisphenol a, but don't worry, the bottle in the case of room temperature is not expected to have any harmful. When the bottle is placed in the Sun to be directly when the inside temperature is high, high temperature and chemical changes can make a bottle, the precipitation of harmful substances into the water.
NO.2 close
summer days after the use of air conditioning temperatures higher, especially after vehicle exposure high temperature inside the car is terrible, a cooked egg. When they will get the air conditioning to reduce the temperature inside the car, but when we arrived were simply stalling or direct regulation of the wind off, so that the air conditioning is not working, but such movements also bring potential harm to our bodies.
If you turn off the air conditioning, will remain in the air conditioning of the residual air in the pipes could not completely released. Due to outside environment temperature compared high such on will and air-conditioning met produced drops left in pipeline in the, is these drops to air in the of mold created has very good of growth hotbed, this is why in using finished a time of air conditioning zhihou again open air conditioning will from out outlet blow out has odor of wind, these with odor of wind on most for just will appeared smell Shang of upset, but on some allergy physique of people for on has compared big of hurt has, because blow out of wind also exists mold will let this part people produced allergy reaction. Risk

NO.3 lighters in the vehicle are derived from the bad habits of many dangerous things, take the drive smoking here said, smoking comfortable lighter in center console somewhere, but this inadvertently gives us the potential for danger.
disposable lighters we use the casing is made of plastic filled with flammable gas, in a severe blow or temperature is above 40 degrees Celsius, filling of combustible gases will expand and possibly explode. In the summer, when the vehicle is parked in the Sun when the interior temperature can be as high as more than 60 ℃, which increases the lighter to the possibility of an explosion. BACK

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