Summer driving fatigue-proof with sunstroke prevention medicines

Summer has just passed, and many owners have already clearly felt in the driving process temperatures bring "distraught". It is understood that the frequent traffic accidents in the summer, summer Lane, full strength, overcome fatigue driving is essential, but also to beware of auto ignition, tyre burst caused by seasonal factors such as driving safety hazards.
/> heatstroke heatstroke in summer high temperature, driver's sweat, energy consuming, susceptible to heat stroke. For the prevention of heat stroke, owner and the vehicle before driving should avoid eating spicy greasy food, and pay attention to salt. Truck carrying water bottles and towels, and preparation of sunstroke prevention medicines such as Dan, ten drops keep cab ventilation, rest en route.
it is worth mentioning that, driving at a high temperature, driver easy to upset, in the event of external stimuli, such as other vehicles squeeze road, passing does not close the far light lamps at night, likely to cause emotional, giving rise to acts of radical, as the car is not fast, overtaking emergency steering, lights at night, vulnerable to accidents. Therefore, the need to remind owners control their emotions when driving, courtesy of three first in all things.
not wearing sunglasses
many owners get used to driving in the approach of the summer wearing dark glasses, actually that is not conducive to safe driving. Sunglasses, dark, time will delay the eyes send images to the brain, this Visual delay will result in distortion of speed, driver wearing sunglasses made the wrong judgment. Studies show that dark sunglasses on the driver's reaction time 100 MS, increasing the braking distance of 2.2 meters.
/> check engine cooling system in summer high ambient temperature, prone to overheating of the engine, extremely easy to cause spontaneous combustion in car accidents. Therefore, owners in the summer should step up checks and maintenance of the engine cooling system, time scale and in the clear water tank radiator chip embedded debris; check thermostat, water pump, fan performance, damage should be repaired in a timely manner, taking care to adjust the fan belt tension; filling the cooling system in a timely manner. When the water temperature exceeds 100 ℃, parking in the shade to cool, let the engine idle, and opened the hood to facilitate heat dissipation. When the engine is overheating, do not use the engine (except for the motor-driven fan), nor to pour cold water on engine to prevent body cracks.
in addition, for explosion-proof tire owners keep tire air pressure, especially in highway driving before, is to double check. In General, summer tires air pressure is lower than that of normal tire pressure in about 10%. BACK

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