Vehicle speed is getting worse is going on

Top rubber flat housing often do? Mr Tang
reader asked: car top rubber flat shaft is often bad, will this do?
replied: If that is the case, it is necessary to confirm the quality, whether OEM or branded spare parts, otherwise it will cause a failure and replacement frequency is too high. Secondly, pressures for shock absorber bearing repair case, generally is the cause of performance degradation or improper installation. Performance of a cycle to replace nature, if the installation is not at that time, the relative frequency is higher, to check your installation and specification.
motor speed is getting worse is going on?
reader asked: my car use to commute, travel about 20,000 kilometers, but the speed is getting worse, sometimes to speed up after refueling, what is this?
replied: don't know whether vehicles are maintained properly, such as timely replacement of spark plugs and fuel filter. Second carbon parts is cleaned in a timely manner, such as throttle body and idle speed control valve should be cleaned once a every 10000 km, intake and fuel injector cleaning once every 20000 km, it is recommended that you regularly pull high speed, to keep high speed traffic for an hour.
overtaking acceleration noise is going on? Miss Chen
reader asked: recent drive overtaking or when quickly when accelerating, cars that have a strange noise, what's going on?
reply: it may be acute or accelerated, knocking of the engine, there may be performance related parts such as the engine claw gel aging or fixing Assembly undesirable phenomenon which causes these abnormal sound. Shop specializing in
suggested to further on vehicle inspection and analysis.
low-speed brake ABS start is what's going on?
reader asked: recently discovered when at low speeds, auto ABS activated, why is this?
reply: speed brakes ABS starts or there are two reasons, one is likely to be the control unit receives an incorrect wheel speed signals caused. Suggested to the 4S shop or a shop specializing in check the ABS wheel speed sensors and signal between accumulation of iron filings and dirt, doing some cleanup.
the second is likely to be caused by the sensor itself.
steering wheel sound normal? Miss
reader asks: when driving the car, such as a sudden turn, the steering wheel will have plastic friction sounds, ask: is this normal?
reply: for steering wheel with plastic friction sound, this is because the dust cover on the bottom of the steering column lubrication and noise caused by friction with the steering shaft. Specializing in advice to the 4S shop or store, between the dust cover and steering shaft grease lubrication can be resolved. BACK

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