Bus driving tips: how to crack the night road test exam difficulty

Night test candidates tend to feel sorrow, at night, visibility is greatly reduced, for driving operations have had some difficulty, then, in night road test exam process will encounter problems? And how do we solve it?
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1, and night Sentinel parking
in night examinations, some male students often speed had fast, led to grasp not speed and pressure has line, or is suddenly stepped on brake, made scurry, and women students usually too slow, in not to specified locations on has stopped to has, these are is not specification of, is easy led to exam not qualified.
at night when drivers in the 100 meters away up front, take an appropriate action. First of all to stay calm after the examiner received instruction, first right turn signal, brake and turn the steering wheel back, waiting for the right time stepping on the brakes, turn off the right turn signal.
2, night reversing
reverse is also one night during the main project, night vision is not clear, judge prone to errors, when many students are backing is blind, rigid back formula, according to coach during practice and said bending place turned around, do not combine theory with practice through, but affected the reverse effect.
so, to look carefully before reversing pavement conditions, including turning the former next to best take a look at whether there are obstacles, find the best reverse angle, open left-turn signal, and select No vehicles through rapid reorientation of the time before and after.
3, night-passing
many beginners are especially afraid of passing, especially at night passing, often in power use, shifting time running around in circles, and often will be too nervous and forget to change the distance light, or even forget to see our previous cases, which is very dangerous.
when passing at night, on the opposite side from the car at about 150 meters, turn off high beam lights, switch to low beam lights and reduce the speed, right side of the vehicle on the road in a straight, if you encounter each other to use the high beam lights while driving continuously transform the distance light signal. BACK

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