Learner registration trilogy (documents for examination regulations exam)

Replayed after selecting the driving school, a lot of people want to go, accompanied by coach from school, get a driver's license, driving on the road. But according to the regulations, students must undergo a medical examination and traffic laws test, then it is possible to get a learner's licence, into practice. This process generally takes three steps.
documents prepared
generally, registration learn car of associate students in select good driving school yihou, by effective ID or officers card, and soldiers card (Note: now soldiers learn car must has ID or temporary ID), Hong Kong, and o, and Taiwan compatriots card, passport (original) and stay card, color white end of photos to driving school registration or if driving school can provides door service of driving school door Hou will for you handle corresponding learn car procedures. Non-local accounts in addition to the above documents, will provide the Beijing, temporary residence permits valid for one year, to ensure that students do not have a driver's license, and has not been revoked driver's license record. In this process, the people of some non-Hukou in while waiting for a residence the DMV receipt may wait for a week.
medical examination requirements under the People's Republic of China motor vehicle driving license regulations enacted such a rule for driver's license applicants height, sight, hearing and movement has made a specific request. If the applicant no red green color blindness; eyes corrected vision is not less than the standard eye chart 0.8; two ears, one from a tuning fork 50 cm can identify source directions; normal limbs, trunk, neck movement, regarding medical matters to the driving school before you apply it is best to consult a good to that hospital after medical examinations or processing according to the driving school. Physical examination form attached to this column.
/> traffic rules exam before the exam, driving related traffic laws will arrange for students to attend training for 5 days. Papers are usually multiple choice questions, as long as the vehicle drivers traffic regulations and knowledge of materials fully mastered, pass the exam without problems. Here, remind students are, must attend training courses, training officer of lectures are interesting and boring content visualization and memory.
whether the medical examination or the traffic rules exam, are aimed at testing whether students have learned the car quality, which focuses on physical, which focuses on the mental quality. In General, the whole process will be accompanied by an instructor. Through the 2 tests, students began to enter the learner stage.

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