New backing storage skills required

Master novice backing storage skills, backing storage is no longer unhappy. Beginner reverse storage techniques introduces beginners reversing techniques, storage techniques and reversing the storage considerations, so if they want to pass down the storage tests, master novice backing storage skills are important.
students, and the troubling thing is backing storage. Drive do not skilled, not to mention the backing storage, no sense of direction, then how can I learn to back up storage? I believe many people will say--more practice, in fact, other than the practice, there are some skills, that is the new backing storage technique.
of course, newbie backing storage techniques is not a panacea, if you learn basic skills are not solid, and give you more storage tips in vain, so before the beginners to learn these skills, basic skills must be solid, so to achieve, the author below to tell us about new car storage tips.
battened down first before reversing the situation after the estimated path of a good back, determine whether the car will meet an obstacle, reversing the try not to step on the gas, speed too fast.
according to the direction of the car's need, turn the steering wheel with your left hand: If your needs to the right rear of the car, turn the steering wheel to the right and vice versa turning the steering wheel to the left. In fact this is consistent and vehicle forward of the Steering, remember this is not playing in the wrong direction and running around in circles.
backing storage is not difficult, the beginner is relatively easy to learn, after backing the process not to watch, after the confirmation of the car under the premise of security, need to be observed around the rear view mirror from time to time, pay attention to the distance between the obstacle and the body, and use the steering wheel to modify the position of the body back.
If you feel that in the process of reversing engine may run into obstacles, you also need to look at the appropriate time in front. Especially in the case of steering wheel rotation greatly, as the car in the process of turning, steering wheels turning radius for a turning radius that is larger than the rear wheel, backing the head dumped outside the time range, so be sure to pay attention to the front to avoid scratches. BACK

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