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Registration notice
Registration notice
1, and registration conditions
1, and training range: A1, and C1, and C2
2, and admissions range: national admissions (containing Hong Kong, Macao and)
3, and age: A1 brand 26-50 age; C1, and C2 brand 18-70 age
4, and height: A1 brand ≧ 155cm;C1, and C2 brand unlimited height
5, and vision: A1 brand ≧ 5.0 (correction) C1, and C2 brand ≧ 4.9 (correction)
6, and left lower limb incomplete allows reported C2 brand < BR/>7, and differentiation color force no red green weak/colorblind
2, and registration information
(1) ID original and the copies pros and cons surface the 2 Zhang;
(2) a inch white end of head (head accounted for layout of 2/3) colour 5 Zhang (myopia including wearing stealth who must wearing framework glasses photo, also can to driving school directly took 16 Zhang/20 Yuan);
(3) field account (Ningbo yiwai) students also please with good one years period of stay card (can free assist handle, and Cost not inclusive) and copy 2.
(4) active soldiers (containing armed police): officers card copies, and mission level above units issued of applicants now actual resident of address proved, and mission level above medical institutions of issued of body check results
increased driving: original license copies (are, and copy) 1 copies
students age
50 age (containing)-54 age (containing) normal price, not added received also not enjoy offers
55 age (containing)-59 age (containing) normal price + 300 yuan &Nbsp;
60 years old (included)-69 years of age (included) normal price + 500

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