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Xian Xing XING driving school is located in the city center prime location, convenient transportation, was approved by the Transport Department and the traffic Police Department approved the establishment of a professional enterprise engaged in motor vehicle driving training. Over the years, Xian Xing XING driving school of management and service levels are always taken the forefront in XI ' an and national drivers ' training industry. In the city driving test pass rate in the top ten! After number years of sound development, cumulative to social conveying qualified motor vehicle driver had million people, Xian star XING driving school, and Xian driving school, and Xian learn car, and Xian driving school price, and Xian learn car price, and Xian which driving school good, and Xian learn car how many money, and Xian learn car which driving school good, and Xian driving school phone, and Xian learn car registration phone is Xian area more with scale and strength of large driver training institutions, while also for building security civilization of social traffic environment made has excellence of contribution, deeply social from all walks of life of trust and praise.
Xian Xing XING driving school is committed to driving innovation in industry for a long time, the first to abandon the traditional concept of apprenticeship, with the majority of students to establish a good friend of teaching and learning relations; Santana models introduced relatively comfortable coach car; create a personalized classes; effective control of coach norm teaching, honest teaching behavior to ensure student safety and vehicle safety. Introduced and passed ISO9001 quality certification system of third-party management system; Xian Xing XING driving school in the "conservation-oriented, science and technology" green driving direction, through the use of science and technology result in the improvement of competitiveness. Xian Xing XING driving school has always been the "students first, only the first" as our principle of service and enterprise's ultimate vision. Retrospect, eventful years, the joy the future, a bright future and a majority of people enthusiastic! And will continue to keep pace with the times, full of enthusiasm for all sectors of the community to provide increasingly high quality driver training services.

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