Test taking skills

Crack driving test six trainees through

rough road driving examination requirements: require smooth and safe vehicles by barriers, not to make the riding officers left.
hack: near a rough road about 20 meters slowed down, and replace it with a block, with the half-smooth linkage through.

curve/> examination requirements: s-type of small vehicles in the 3.5-meter-wide road worthiness, requested not to squeeze the road edges, directions with ease.
hack: when entering the first corner (left), try to pressure the right front right lane, entered its second turn (right turn), left front to pressure the left lane. In this way, basic body with the arc of the curve bends.
quarter turn
examination requirements: low speed route as required, non-stop to complete quarter turn to the left at a time through.
hack: when a vehicle to the left, right side of the body near the outer rectangular edges forward, left front triangle aligned at right angles to the window line to the left, back when the car is. (Right angle turn the same way) unilateral bridge
/> examination requirements: running under bridge using left and right wheels in wheels, smoothly passed. Round with no bridge or ride on deck fell midway through round will be deducted points.
hack: 1 right side of the bridge front right alignment, contrast body on the bridge watching from afar are, that's the point, students can bridge, worried that the rear wheels fall off the bridge, body modification is the key to solve this.
/> fifth
lateral examination requirements: requires vehicles to touch, brush piles, the wheel does not touch the lane line, edge cases, adopted into a retreat, move the vehicle into the right location.
cracked method: will car first stopped in spaces left ahead 30 cm at, reversing Shi playing left steering lamp bus Hou window see missing spaces left ahead Rod bit Shi, right playing direction, but to see left Hou depending on mirror, dang appeared right rear Rod bit Shi to left playing direction, again from front right rearview mirror saw right Hou Rod Shi, right playing direction, see front right rearview mirror and left Qian Rod overlap Shi left playing direction what, body back are parking, car forward line playing right steering lamp, can parking into bit.
ramp designated parking, starting
examination requirements: requires ≥ 10% slope, slope length ≥ 30 m fixed position on the ramp of the parking study direction and coordination among brake and clutch.
hack: put into first gear, left turn signals, Horn note road condition after the car, lift the clutch half joint, advance the throttle to the engine rpm 2000 RPM let go the brake, slowly lift the clutch oil.

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