Test taking skills

Start stop test points and plus or minus document analysis

Start stop and add or subtract document examination is the examination of the two projects in the field, which started parking for necessary items, add or subtract files for the selected project. In both tests, what is needed?
(a) into the car, the car. You must shut the door, correct posture, straight ahead, holding the steering wheel left, 9 right, 4.
(b) to start the car. First check that the equipment is properly, after confirming the gap open the switch motor, check that the meter is normal.
(c) started. Start formula: breaking the left lamp, hanging gear, HAND-BRAKE ON, mirrors are there to note the rear car, car-free clutch fuel car.
(four) and gear. Attached to and blocked. In the original gear oil to step on the gas, speed of a block after block. Add block steps: 1) throttle; 2) quick step on the clutch (l block); 3) increases a shield 4) clutch (making cars under the new gear speed); 5) step on the gas (get ready for another blocked).
(v) reduction gear. 1) throttle; 2) brakes (a touch on the slow-grinding, speed slow down); 3) step on the clutch (for hanging low); 4) reduction gear (can skip reduction). Note turn lane be pegged to 2 gears.
(f) parking. Steps: 1) hit the right lamp 2) throttle; 3) brakes; 4) step on the clutch; 5) stopped vehicle 6) pick open; 7) pull Handbrake; 8) first lift the clutch and foot brake; 9) to turn off the lights; 10) to switch off.

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