Test taking skills

Subject b test common error resolution

Every student wants his subjects in the second test to pass. In addition to correct learning attitude to outside, training methods and tips are more important. So look below, subject II test of some common errors, warning!
1, lateral side parking frequently asked questions: go back to the bad timing
in the direction of lateral stop must first find a suitable parking spots, getting ready for the next car storage operation, then there is the steering wheel, then back in a timely manner, if late, then it will cause body lines on the right side, if you turn back early, will cause the body lines on the left side.
addition, in reverse, do not pay attention to judge vehicle position, and easier to rear body lines, complete the entire lateral parking subject also to do so in the hand, the eye and speed as slow as possible.
2, and ramp Sentinel of problem: Sentinel parking not in place, and slope up process in the flameout, and slipped car
ramp Sentinel to note two aspects:
first: parking of location to master good, according to provides, vehicles of Qian insurance bar from provides of stop line before and after shall not is greater than 50 cm, or exam of when will was buckle points; right away from sideline shall not is greater than 30 cm, or also to was buckle points, so selected good parking of timing is important.
II: in order to prevent the stall in the process of enhancing oil cooperation, and time to master the HAND-BRAKE ON, continue to slow with loose brake oil against car option is designated to tighten hand brake when parking.
3, quarter turn of the frequently asked questions are: did not have the best time, going too fast
the case of Santana when Santana right angle outside the right side of the body near the edge, align the middle of the left and right front door triangle window inside and outside angle lines respectively to the left and then right to the end, back when the car is being passed.
4, speed limit by limiting wide-door: by limiting the door fast enough, or a clean hit on both sides of the Loft.
for Santana models for, first to note, through limit door Shi General will car hanging Shang 2 block, speed control in 20 km/h, from left to right through limited wide door Shi vehicles cab door just had limited wide door benchmark Shi, quickly right playing direction, stay front left angle alignment Xia a limited wide door left Rod Shi back are direction, and adjustment through limited wide door.
from right to left across the limiting wide-door vehicle cab doors limited wide door when benchmarking, quickly left for a direction, limiting wide-door front right corner alignment right left when the benchmark return, adjusted through the limited width doors.

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