Test taking skills

Road test two will test project skills to crack

Examination of necessary items as the path, lateral side parking ramp and parking has been the focus of student exercises. Summary of the item skill for everyone to help you successfully pass the exam.
lateral parking pass steps:
1, adjust the seat, clutch, hanging reverse gear. Loose clutch slowly (very slowly), head to the right after, when the sight line and the triangle on the right side of the window mullions and 1th benchmark when the three-point line, and quickly shot to the right of the steering wheel.
2, quickly head left rearview mirror the positive view, occurred when the rear-view mirror when the 4th benchmark, brake (parking is allowed during the examination), direction straight.
3, the head to the left rear, loose brake and slowly release clutch, but see the 3rd bar appear in the triangle on the left side of the window mullions and leaving the vertical box is about 10 centimeters, and quickly shot to the left of the steering wheel.
4, when the garage to front left corner alignment at benchmark, 1th, brakes.
5, and out Shi, direction left playing died, stepped on clutch device, hanging a document, slow pine clutch device, dang car to right car angle close 1th, benchmark Shi, quickly will direction right playing died, note observation 1th, benchmark and body distance, timely adjustment steering wheel, dang body and sideline parallel Shi (that front and Qian sideline parallel Shi), brake, pendulum are direction, hanging empty block, got off.
lateral parking notice:
When you go out, the body cannot have lateral edge of the 3.5-meter, or hit the "wall".
ramp parking and start steps:
adjust the seat, clutch step shall prevail. Adjust sitting posture when observed on the dashboard right angle when the middle line with the outlet, head position should remain unchanged at this time. When upper right on the car dashboard sign to stop. When driving to the ramp before the sign posts, quick place release the throttle and brake position. When you wait to sign quickly clutch and brake pedals at the same time press stop.
parked out car, then the start. Strain car shaking HAND-BRAKE ON, foot half a linkage point is not relaxed, normal driving time a rear slow song left foot. Downhill when the clutch, right foot brake position, slowly lift the clutch, front rise. Body wobble, slow HAND-BRAKE ON the initial, mildly slipped after should be promptly lifted his left foot to the linkage points.
ramp parking and start notes:
particularly high requirements of point Park on the edge of the ramp. Only the margins of 30cm, and the car is, will it be possible to meet the requirements of point Park. In the examination, if the front-left, the actual Park reaches a specified point. Original observation point to skip sign (usually front left). When the front-right, the actual parking exceeds a specified dot, so the original observation point but should be sign posts.
in the case of standard parking see the same car had left the original observation point forward, when the car is right then the observation point a little later.

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