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Downhill start methods and points for attention

The old saying goes, mountain easy to get down, ramp for driving as well, though many drivers upgrade, easy to remove, but the downhill is much more relaxed. Pay attention to when going downhill may be rushing out, be aware of a ramp.
said the ramp start method.
sounds simple, the slope slowly release the hand brake, and the car started moving. But note that is, to control speed when starting. So start to select appropriate speed gear and let the clutch back.
started to pay attention to the following three points:
1, do use low-grade started the first gear or second gear.
2, let go the moment must be mocked.
3, clutch pedal when you return, be sure to quickly moved with his right foot off the brake to the accelerator.
end: when going downhill must pay attention to light, slow, slow.

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