Test taking skills

Pile test honk about

Last week, public Xia Xiaojie participated in a pile driving exam test projects. Before the test, driving school teacher repeatedly told before the exam must be honking heard beep test until an examination began. Summer feeling when Miss stakes at the rear position and they do practice with some differences, thinking they didn't honk, nor did he hear the tone, should not calculate into the examination, ran to get off of the pole position. When he got on, only to be told that failed in the exam, only the re-test. Sentiment was affected, also played for the second time failure, failed. DMV staff said such situations for student accidentally touch the Horn, into the examination did not know, the key to relax.
and another candidate said after boarding the no honking, hears the examination began to beep, make up pressed a horn, also wasted chances for an exam. Horn wrong don't wrong, Miss summer and expressed surprise.
, journalist, DMV exam, consulted, officials say, the fact that students themselves don't hit the Horn, means that the test has begun, he didn't and people stop and say hello, people mistakenly thought he was the end of the examination. As a rule, exams are a continuous process, not free to get off.
it is understood that some driving school training car are installed sensors, can hire coaches into the examination room during the examination, if maintained properly, lesser Horn button, could easily be met, students got nervous or forget his actions, or accidentally, will cause this error. To avoid this type of error, the official recommends that the student checked more than once before the exam, and also to learn to relax, mood.

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