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Car tips car formula easy for students to remember

Learn tips, appropriate it will be necessary to understand the several formulas, today driving net for everyone to gather a good learner formula, hope you can help.
seat adjusted sitting position, holding a ten-and-three.
two-wheel profile width meters eight, add mirror 2.2-meter.
from the right-hand wheels of about 80, 60 from the revolver.
one to two meters in front, right cheek is in the car.
see last lines, lines approximately 2 m from the front.
started hanging a gear, oil-rubbed off the car park.
left and right thumbs forward, feeling that the two front wheels.
speed above idle, brake without stepping on the clutch.
speed below 800 rpm, step on the clutch just brakes.
clutch using particular, steady contact is most important.
clutch hands and feet, foot gently in clear order.
Road turn first gear and clutch loose the car move.
narrow roads ahead, slow speed through the heart not to panic.
turning point slightly up and avoids rear wheel bent in advance.
hands hold the steering wheel, left right redirects.
no less turn back, very sensitive to both hands at six.
shift speed of five kilometers, and out of doors in a.
overlaps start reversing, Banpo is often used to vehicles.
started hanging a block, contact steady clutch, no throttle can go
mention speed up block, foot heavy hand with good;
the road ahead need to turn, take to a reduction in advance before bending;
close to stepping on the clutch, go fast selecting and shifting

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