Test taking skills

Vehicles turning steering wheel

A to sharp how to:
nasty curve on the road at the turn of large angle can be used to turn the steering wheel, alternating hands control of the steering wheel. When turning right, the right hand steering wheel to five to six points (both location pointer on the clock) when opening, his right hand holding 10 points to 11 points on the right wrist position pull the steering wheel, move the left hand to six-point to a seven-point position continues to push the steering wheel.
B bend slow method of operation:
1, in the corners and straight on the path of sustained turn, both hands on the steering wheel can not change position, while turning the steering wheel can go through.
2, steering wheel will have a direct impact on traffic safety. Both hands should all be located on the steering wheel rim to the left and right sides, thumbs up naturally straight and wheel rims, four fingers from the outside in to hold the steering wheel rim.
play the quick return method: this method is typically used on a dirt road when the vehicle side slip, when when the wheel to the right, immediately release the accelerator pedal, hard to the right and grab the steering wheel the steering wheel down, waiting for the tail back line, then return and control the speed of the steering wheel, do not let the steering wheel side to side.
special reminder: when when the wheel to the right, do not swerve to the left in case of sideslip. When the wheel when sliding to the left, the opposite. In acute when turning on a curved road, large angles can be used to turn the steering wheel, alternating hands control of the steering wheel way, alternating this abbreviation

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